Megan dress

Evening all,

Hasn’t it been a lovely weekend, I hope everyone got some of the lovely sunny weather we had down here. Spent the majority of yesterday sprucing the garden up after its winter hibernation. All of the spring bulbs are appearing and it is very pretty. A nice glimmer of things to come. I am getting very excited for the true beginning of Spring and then the Summer. I love living somewhere with seasons, it is so nice to look forward to the next one appearing.

As well as spending time outside I also got my Megan dress finished. I started sewing it last weekend and I have not long finished it off today. It was an absolute pleasure to sew. The pattern is from the book Love at first stitch by Tilly and the Buttons. Tilly makes every step seem possible even for a novice sewer like me. This is only the second dress I made and I am happy with the outcome. It gapes a little bit at the back but not enough to bother me. The dress was really easy to sew, even the gathered sleeves weren’t as terrifying as I thought they would be. Here is a picture of me wearing it.


I am so happy with it. Not sure what I am going to sew next, perhaps some seat cushions for the chairs I sit at to sew. They are a bit cold and hard to sit at for too long, and now I can sew it would be silly not to cover them wouldn’t it?

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Right now I am off to finish knitting the toe of my first Vorticity socks. More on that soon.


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