Rainbow baby

So today I am going to bring you some knitting. This was a project (well three to be precise) I made in the Autumn of last year for a friends baby, my friend is due any day now so I just had to share this with you! I lived with her during my undergraduate degree and we have remained good friends, so whatever I made her, I knew it had to be special. My friend and her husband are not of the traditional sort, so I knew I could take advantage of this to create an amazingly bright colour palette that would just be perfect. So I turned to a bright (almost) rainbow, using a variety of colours from the Sirdar Snuggly DK range and a few free patterns from Ravelry (Chevron baby blanket by Espace Tricot, Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker and socks from the Baby and toddler knits book), the following pictures show the finished articles.




The result? She absolutely loves it! I posted it to her last week and she is over the moon, her and her husband think it is great, and me? I found it hard to part with as I loved it so much, really can’t wait to see a little bundle of joy making the most of these knitted goodies.


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