To new beginnings….

Morning world!

Today I have finally bitten the bullet and started my own blog, a place for me to ramble about my crafty creations. I am predominantly a knitter, however, I have recently learned how to sew, so this blog will be a way for me to document my dabbles in yarn, but also as a way for me to see my progress in sewing. Hopefully I help inspire a few people along the way, and maybe even help someone discover a new and exciting craft. I am currently in the middle of making the Megan dress by Tilly and the Buttons (check her blog out if you haven’t found it already, it is excellent and she has some great patterns, ideal for both the novice and advanced sewer) and I am currently knitting the Vorticity sock pattern by Socktopus, so details of these will be appearing in due course! Below is a snippet of the Megan dress to be blogged soon. The pattern is from her book Love at First stitch.


I am really looking forward to sharing my crafty world with you, here is to new crafty beginnings!


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